The Best Coffee Shops in Paris

I’m sure your heart will take you to Paris one of these days. At that magical moment of meeting, it just wouldn’t do to depart from the city without enjoying a taste of Parisian coffee.

You can sit with a cup of coffee on the table and stare off into the distance, or listen to the conversation at the table next to you, even though you might not understand a thing. Either way, the moment will put a great, big smile on your face…

If you find yourself wandering the streets looking for “a cup of Paris“, we’ve got some recommendations for you. Here goes!

The best coffee shops in Paris;


New venues like Café Craft that have been popping up around the Saint Martin canal are vying in popularity with tjose in the Marais district, which has also seen a recent upsurge in popularity. Rather than a bohemian-bourgeouise “Bobo” crowd, the venues near the canal cater to a more “innovative” segment. You can extend your Parisian coffee break as long as you like at this spot, which is especially popular in summer.

 Address: 24 Rue des vinaigriers, 75010

Boot Café

Anyone who has done the slightest amount of pre-travel research as to what to eat/ drink while in Paris will have seen Boot Café’s famous blue door, which has been shared thousands of times on Instagram. In addition to delicious coffee, the place also offers a fantastic atmosphere that visitors just can’t stop photographing.

It’s rather small, so you’ll be rather lucky if you can find a table to sit down at. With good music playing in the background as you drink your coffee, you won’t believe how time flies. I think you’d do well to order a “Cortado”.

 Address: 19 Rue du pont aux choux, 75003


Their motto: “It’s good because we made it”. That’s a very ambitious claim, but Holybelly does it justice. The simple and stylish decor, delicious coffee and friendly staff will all make you say “I’m glad I came here”. Holybelly is close to the Republique metro station, and I’d recommend that you don’t leave Paris before discovering the street it’s located on. The kitchen has also been cooking up seasonal delights since it first opened in 2013.

Address: 19 Rue lucien sampaix, 75010


One of the most ideal addresses for good coffee. Located in the Marais / Bastille district, Frgaments is one of those coffee shops you’ll never want to leave. You can begin with an espresso to get the true taste of the coffee, and then have something else for variery. Keep in mind that you can also have a delicious breakfast here in addition to coffee.

Address: 29 Rue pastourelle, 75003

Café Oberkambf | The Best Coffee Shop in Paris 

Here’s another coffee shop that will make you say, “It’s good to be in Paris“. Considering its delicious coffees and desserts, and its delicious breakfast, there’s no reason not to take time out to visit this café. I can vouch for the fact that the interior decor of mainly blue and white will help you capture inspiring photos. This is what being a “new-generation Parisienne” is all about.

Address: 3 Rue neuve popincourt



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